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A computer network (FIG. 1) comprises a plurality of personal computers (PCs 10), groups of which are each logically connected to a different one of a plurality of intermediate computers (11). At least one of the intermediate computers is connected to a mainframe computer (12). File and resource serving and locking services are provided transparently to PC user programs (200). Certain user service requests ("open file" and "exit" calls) on each PC to the PC operating systems means (20,22) are trapped by an operating system kernel-level patch (21), and corresponding requests are sent to a kernel-level driver (31) on the associated intermediate computer. The driver collects requests from all PCs associated with the intermediate computer and funnels them to a user level request server (32) on the intermediate computer. The request server performs requested file and resource serving and locking services in an effort to make requested files or resources available on or through the intermediate computer to the PC's operating system. The request server calls upon a NETSVR process (33) to find requested files and resources on other intermediate computers and to transfer requested files to its intermediate computer. The request server calls upon an APISVR process (34) to obtain requested files unavilable on intermediate computers (11) from a database (13) of the mainframe computer. The request server returns notices of its successor failure to the patch through the driver. In response to the notices, the patch forwards the trapped user requests to the PC operating system to service the requests. The PC operating system views and uses the associated intermediate computer as a peripheral device to satsify user file or resource requests.

User and application program transparent resource sharing multiple computer interface architecture with kernel process level transfer of user requested services
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September 28, 1987
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April 28, 1992
Paul F Meyer
George E Laggis
David Volejnicek
AT&T Bell Laboratories
G06F 15/16
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