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A remote control system capable of controlling electrically operable equipment in a person occupiable structure and which has an essentially unlimited command format. The system comprises a signal receiving sensor such as an infrared sensor, and which can receive a signal from a remote control unit, typically a hand-held remote control unit. The infrared signal is processed to be compatible with electrically operable equipment as for example, sound entertainment system, electrical appliances or the like. A central computer or microprocessor is associated with the dwelling structure and receives a signal from the remote control unit, via the signal receiving sensor, and which computer generates a control signal for control and operation of the electrically operable equipment. The remote control system has an input means to receive the code format of each type of electrically operable equipment to thereby generate a format of encoded signals for each type of electrically operable equipment. These encoded signals are compatible with and capable of operating the electrically operable equipment. Signals may be sent from the electrically operable equipment through the computer to the remote control unit for providing feedback information to the user of the remote control unit.

Remote control system for control of electrically operable equipment in people occupiable structures
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March 27, 1989
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April 28, 1992
John Welty
3753 S. Barrington #3, Los Angeles, 90066
Robert J Schaar
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