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Disclosed is a self service water dispensing apparatus especially adapted to be located inside a grocery store. This apparatus includes a housing which provides a rigid support structure having a base section which has integral therewith a water storage tank, and an upper section immediately above the base section which includes a plurality of water filling stations. The upper section and base section are joined together and are contiguous with each other along a common generally horizontal plane located about waist high to a typical adult user. This provides a compact and convenient to use structure. The water filling stations each comprise a recessed cubicle having a top wall with a delivery spout therein, an open front side into which a water bottle is placed beneath the spout for filling, and a floor including a drain. Manually operable control switches are at each vending station. When one of these switches is actuated a pump is energized to pump water from the storage tank to the spout in the filling station associated with the manually operable control switch actuated. A reverse osmosis water purifying unit purifies water from a public supply source and delivers the purified water to the storage tank. A float detects when the level of purified water in the storage tank is low, causing water from a public supply source to be fed through the reverse osmosis unit. As ozone generator periodically generates ozone which is mixed with purified water in the storage tank, and a tap in the storage tank is used for dispensing the ozone treated water to a mister system for spraying produce with the ozone treated water. Spraying produce with ozonated water kills bacteria growing in the misting system. Waste water from the reverse osmosis unit is fed to the cooling tower of the refrigeration system for the grocery store, thereby conserving water.

Water dispenser
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September 12, 1990
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April 28, 1992
Dennis DiSanto
1344 Magnolia Ave., Modesto, 95350
Plante Strauss Vanderburgh and Connors
B01D 61/08
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