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A multispeed automatic transmission for automobile vehicles having parallel input shaft output shaft includes two parallel gearsets and of constant-mesh gearwheels providing two fixed speed ratios. The second speed ratio is higher than the first speed ratio and in same direction. A first power path using the first fixed speed ratio includes a first control clutch and a second control clutch, and a second power path using the second fixed speed ratio includes a third control clutch. Further, the transmission includes a double planetary gearset, a first control brake and a second control brake. Alternatively, the input shaft and output shaft are in alignment and one of the two speed ratios is a direct drive. The transmission features six forward speeds, a braked neutral and a reverse drive.

Multispeed automatic transmission for automobile vehicles
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 10, 1990
Publication Date
April 21, 1992
Pierre A G Lepelletier
23 avenue Adrien Moisant, 78400 Chatou
Young & Thompson
F16H 57/10
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