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A motorized apparatus to raise and lower a ceiling light fixture, such as a chandelier, to facilitate cleaning and bulb changing. A hoist mechanism, mounted above the ceiling between two joists, includes a drive motor with a drive shaft, and a take-up shaft coupled to the drive shaft, upon which is wound a single hoist cable which raises and lowers the light fixture. A ceiling junction box includes a first set of contacts for supplying electricity to the light fixture when the light fixture is raised, and one or more switches for preventing the light fixture from being hoisted past the raised position and for removing power from the first set of contacts when the light fixture is lowered. A canopy junction box, attached to the light fixture, includes a second set of contacts for receiving electricity from the first set of contacts. When the light fixture is raised, a ceiling canopy protects the first and second set of contacts from access. The take-up shaft may be part of a winch, and either the motor or the winch may have a brake for preventing the light fixture from falling. Either a wall switch or a remote control device may control the operation of the motor.

Motorized chandelier lift system
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July 11, 1991
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April 14, 1992
Garry L Rolen
1003 Eleanor St., #4, Knoxville, 37917
John W Falls
2700 Brook Bridge Cove, Germantown, 38138
Walker & McKenzie
F21S 1/06
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