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A non-lethal electrical weapon for anti-personal control. The weapon in one embodiment is in the form of a pistol and consists of conductive liquid or fluid stored in two separate containers, a means of mixing and means for propelling the fluids through the use of a compressed gas system. The activation and propulsion of the fluid is achieved by pulling the trigger to an end position. The fluid is charged with a high voltage current in one line and the other line is negatively charged and the fluid is so charged as it passes through it. Both fluids exit nozzle mounted in the front of the pistol barrel and combine external to the stun gun. When the fluid stream contacts a person an electrical shock is completed through and is transmitted to the individual. In a second embodiment conductive fluids, battery, electrical controls, pumps, and mixers are contained in a backpack and are suitably connected by electrical and fluid conductors to a rifle type aiming and projecting device. In other embodiments the fluid containers are disposed for pressurizing by a gas/air container and electrical controls include a high voltage coil, triggering means and relay. Points are applied to the face of the gun body and electrically charged for use when fluid is exhausted in still other embodiments. In further embodiments a single fluid stream is utilized or both the positive and negative streams are highly but oppositely charged. In yet another embodiment the hand-held unit is self-contained but connectable and disconnectable from fluid, pressure and electrical supplies in a backpack unit.

Electrical stun guns and electrically conductive liquids
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February 21, 1989
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April 7, 1992
Gregory Battochi
67 McNamara Rd., Spring Valley, 10977
Stanley J Yavner
F41B 15/04
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