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A joint, in one embodiment between adjacent panels of sheet encased insulating material in which one lateral edge has an essentially frustoconical nose, and the other edge has a frustoconical pocket as disclosed. In an alternative embodiment, essentially frustoconical noses are at both lateral edges and the two adjacent panels are joined by means of an I-beam embodying the interlock of the present invention. In both embodiments, the interlocking relationship is a function of the lateral edges of the cladding sheet, or the flange of an I-beam, in which one edge has a sealant pocket, and the opposite edge has a locking sealant press with a reversely bent stabilizer. The method of the invention contemplates the steps of providing adjacent building panels with sealant pockets in a seal press, and thereafter filling the sealant pocket with a predetermined amount of sealant to the end that when the joints are compressed together, there will be sufficient excess sealant material to be extruded by the sealant press lock to form gaskets or fins between the sidewalls of the sealant pocket and the sidewalls of the locking sealant press.

Building panel and method
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April 24, 1990
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February 11, 1992
Steven C Meyerson
Jack E Dominik
Structural Panels
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