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A locking plate system has multiple locking pins, each with one end formed as a screw to lock in the pending fixation bones or vertebral tubercles, with another end defining rectangular or similarly shaped locking post having a threaded locking end. Near the locking post end, there is formed a stopping protrusion. A plate defines multiple locking bores disposed at one side to be placed over the locking post end until the plate reaches the stopping protrusion on the locking pin. The plate defines multiple threaded screwing bores near the other side to receive locking pin screw. Multiple locking devices fix the side of the plate having locking bores to the locking post end of its locking pins. Multiple screwing pins each have one end formed as a pin to be used for penetrating the the threaded screwing bore to lock into the bone or the vertebral tubercle. Another end which forms a head is for holding against the threaded screwing bore of the plate. Threads are provided near the head for the screwing pins to be screwed within the threaded screwing bore of the plate.

Innovative locking plate system
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
November 19, 1990
Publication Date
February 4, 1992
Kwan C Lin
45 Duncan St., Staten Island, 10304
Bacon & Thomas
A61F 5/04
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