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An endocardial electrosurgical catheter for locating and subsequently ablating ectopic foci in cardiac tissue comprises an elongated flexible tubular catheter sized to permit its being routed through the vascular system and into a cardiac chamber of the heart. The elongated catheter includes at least one pair of spaced bipolar sensing electrodes near its distal end whereby depolarization signals develop within the heart can be picked up and transmitted over electrical conductors passing through the lumen of the tubular catheter body to be applied to a EKG monitor. Also extending through the lumen of the tubular catheter body are a pair of conductors whose distal ends may selectively be made to project from or be retracted into the body of the catheter. A RF voltage from an electrosurgical generator may be coupled to the proximal ends of the wires and when the uninsulated distal ends thereof are extended so as to pierce into the myocardium, the RF voltage may be used to destroy the cells comprising an ectopic focus.

Electrosurgical instrument for ablating endocardial tissue
Application Number
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August 3, 1990
Publication Date
January 28, 1992
David J Parins
Columbia Heights
Haugen and Nikolai
Everest Medical Corporation
A61B 17/36
A61B 5/0402
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