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A battery-powered security device for controlling access through a door by authorized uses which includes a lock operated by a low power driven motor; a keyboard by which a user enters codes or programming; a programmable circuit including a microprocessor, data memory and program memory. The device opens the lock in response to a correct code entered through the keyboard and/or to a chronological schedule enabled by a clock marking real time. An LED provides a wireless link to a hand-held printer so that the device may be programmed with access codes and time schedules and prints out a list of users and times of entry. The operative programs in memory can be added or modified by means of the keyboard. The coupling between the motor shaft and key plunger is designed to avoid accidental misuse such as a user holding the door handle while the motor is turning. The entire package--motor, lock, battery and circuitry,--is contained within a compact package approximately equal in maximum dimension to the length of a door handle and attaches to the door in the region of the handle with no additional modification of the door than is required for standard lock installations.

Programmable individualized security system for door locks
Application Number
Publication Number
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February 21, 1989
Publication Date
January 21, 1992
Keith S Clark
Thomas C Feix
Jacques M Dulin
OSI Security Devices
H04Q 9/00
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