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A solid club head with a substantial vertical hosel with a horizontal portion extending between a toe portion to a heel portion with an inclined front face and a curved back face. The back face has a contour of variable radii of curvature from a very large radius at the upper reaches of the horizontal portion of the head to a very small radius of curvature at the lower reaches of the horizontal head portion. The back face has several recesses disposed along the expanse of the back face. There are one long upper recess and two lower recesses just below the upper recess coextensive with the long upper recess. Additive masses are insertable into said two lower recesses. The inclined front face has horizontal lines with triangular lands or unmachined lines amid the horizontal lines for proper orientation of the club in the hands of the player.

Golf club head with variable center of gravity
Application Number
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Application Date
April 12, 1990
Publication Date
January 21, 1992
James C Hsien
4601 Stillwater Crt., Concord, 94521
Richard C Litman
A63B 53/08
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