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A method of creating a protocol for oil extraction or for enhancing oil extraction from oil reservoirs. A process of devising and applying a customized electromagnetic irradiation protocol to individual reservoirs. Reservoir samples are tested to determine their content, molecular resonance frequencies and the effects of electromagnetic field on their compounds. Electromagnetic field frequencies, intensities, wave forms and durations necessary to heat and/or crack individual molecules and produce plasma torches is determined. Equipment are selected and installed according to the results of the laboratory tests and the geophysics of the mine. Dielectric constant of the formation is reduced by draining the water and drying it with electromagnetic energy. A combination of the effects of microwave flooding, plasma torch activation, molecular cracking and selective heating are used to heat the oil within the reservoir, by controlling frequency, intensity, duration, direction and wave form of the electromagnetic field. Conditions of there servoir are continuously monitored during production to act as feedback for modification of the irradiation protocol.

In-situ tuned microwave oil extraction process
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August 22, 1990
Publication Date
January 21, 1992
Anoosh I Kiamanesh
5603 Yalta Pl., Vancouver
Trask Britt & Rossa
E21B 49/00
E21B 43/24
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