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The present invention relates to a device for the shutter-like and tilt-down opening, with respect to a fixed frame, of a window or door-window composed of an upper cross-member and a lower cross-member connected by a pair of uprights on one of which handle is rotatably associated. The peculiarity of the device consists in the fact that it compirses box, arranged on one of the uprights, which is provided with means, actuated by the handle, for tensioning at least one traction element such as cable. This at least one traction element can be advantageously constituted by a first and second cable which actuate a plurality of pins for the temporary closure of the window onto the fixed frame and for coupling to an upper hinge for shutter-like or tilt-down opening. The device furthermore comprises a lower spherical hinge which is provided with a friction action for shutter-like opening and with an articulation action for tilt-down opening. The box finally comprises means adapted to prevent the rotation of the handle starting from the tilt-down condition ot the shutter-like position.

Device for the sutter-like and tilt-down opening of a window or door-window
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May 29, 1990
Publication Date
December 31, 1991
Norberto Manzalini
Albert Josif
Guido Modiano
Otlav S p A
E05D 15/52
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