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The tennis court has water impervious bays which contain water distribution piping and particulate material that conducts water from the bottom of the bays upwardly by capillary action to the playing surface of the court. The water distribution piping includes a substantially rigid outer pipe having relatively large openings extending through its lower portion, and at least one inner pipe that is located within the outer pipe and that has a plurality of water discharge orifices at spaced locations along its length. Water from a supply source is introduced into the inner pipe, at a desired low pressure and flow rate, at those times when a moisture sensor determines that the sensed moisture content within the particulate material adjacent the playing surface of the court is less than a preselected desired magnitude. Valving associated with the water distribution piping permits purging and/or draining of the piping. A technique for constructing the court includes the use of vertical pin members that temporarily support upstanding walls of the bays and an elongate leveling member which in a first rotative position establishes the elevation of the upper surface of a first particulate material layer, and which in a second position establishes the elevation of a second particulate material layer of the court.

Underground water control system for tennis courts and the like
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February 14, 1990
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December 24, 1991
John J McCann Sr
Morehead City
Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson
Calico Racquet Courts
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F02B 11/00
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