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A bed which is articulated in two places capable of placing the occupant in an infinite number of positions including the standing position. The bed has a head portion and an intermediate portion both of which rotate about a shaft. A foot portion of the bed rotates about a second shaft. The bed pivots about a third shaft supported by the frame. Two power drives are provided, one for the head portion and the other for the foot and intermediate portions. A pantograph arrangement connected to the second power drive rotates the foot portion. The occupant is raised to a standing position by having the foot end of the bed touch the floor and raise the foot end of the frame off the floor.

EZ access bed
Application Number
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Application Date
April 11, 1991
Publication Date
December 17, 1991
William J Willis
P.O. Box 184, Westhampton Beach, 11978
Leonard Belkin
A61G 7/00
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