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A luminosity control device includes a photosensitive member to control the duty cycle of a square wave pulse oscillator. Then a high power switching tube and a high power gain tube are used to proceed with the luminosity control. Thus, when two cars meet, the luminosity of headlamps will automatically weaken so as not to dazzle the driver's eyes in the opposite direction. Should no car come in the opposite direction, the headlamps will automatically intensify the luminosity thereof. In this manner, it is possible to effectively control the luminosity of headlamps and thereby achieve the object of traffic safety.

Automatic luminosity control device for car and motor bicycle headlamps
Application Number
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March 13, 1990
Publication Date
December 10, 1991
Min Hsiung Chen
3F. No. 10, Alley 102, Lane 109, Der-Hsin E. Rd., Taipei
Bucknam and Archer
H01J 40/14
H05B 37/02
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