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An improved valvulectome (10) is adapted for use in selectively excising the leaflets of a venous valve. The apparatus includes an elongated probe (11) having one tip end portion (12) adapted to be inserted generally longitudinally into a vein. An actuating rod (55) may be moved relative to the probe to selectively move a pair of blade members (45,46) between their respective fully-retracted positions, at which the blade cutting edges (51,51') will be concealed within the transverse profile or outline of the probe, and their outwardly-extending ready-to-cut positions. The probe has a lumen (38) for sensing the fluid pressure proximate the probe tip. The probe also has a piezoelectric sensor (29) for sensing and measuring the velocity of blood proximate the probe tip. In use, the probe is inserted into a vein, and pushed through a valve with the blades retracted. The blades are then extended radially, and the probe is pulled rearwardly to excise portions of the valve leaflets.

Method and apparatus for removing venous valves
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November 13, 1989
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December 3, 1991
Syde A Taheri
268 Dan Troy, Williamsville, 14221
Sommer Oliverio & Sommer
A61B 17/32
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