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The polar-lighted recreational ball is substantially symmetrical about an axis of the ball body and hasa opposing polar regions at opposite ends of the axis. Axially recessed lighting assemblies at each polar region project light outwardly from the ball through a light passage at the polar regions. An annular cushion collar surrounds each polar light passage to cushion axial impacts on the ball. A skewing member causes the lighting assemblies to skew laterally from the axis upon compression impact approximately along the direction of the axis. The skewing member and the lighting assemblies are located in a channel running through the ball at the axis; and the ball is ideally of a substantially ellipsoidal football shape.

Polar lighted ball
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February 11, 1991
Publication Date
November 19, 1991
Steven P Stark
18355 Yorkshire, Prior Lake, 55372
Robert C Baker
A63B 43/06
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