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A dust bin of the type comprising a container having a top opening covered with a removable cover, wherein said container has a flat, hollow chamber separately vertically disposed at the inside for receiving said cover when said cover is not in use, and two bolts at two opposite locations for releasably mounting said cover through hooked-joint permitting said cover to be rotated on said two bolts to close or open said top opening. A chemical case which has aromatic compounds or deodorant contained therein is attached to the container to fit flush with the bottom edge of the bottom projection which projecting from the bottom of the container.

Structure of dust bin
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Application Date
April 26, 1991
Publication Date
November 19, 1991
Chen Hsien Sher
No. 18, Lane 195, Nan Tai Rd., Kaohsiung City
Bacon & Thomas
B65D 43/20
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