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A machine for sorting and orienting containers including a main hopper (2) for receiving randomly a plurality of containers (1) or bottles to be sorted, having any convenient configuration and a bottom (4) with a peripheral edge portion at a predetermined distance from the side wall of the hopper (2) to provide a space through which the containers can drop, by gravity towards a lower section, a lateral aperture (32) in the side wall of the hopper in a curved lateral area (13) preceding the container unloading station (14), the aperture being adapted to remove mainly by centrifugal force malpositioned containers housed only partially in and protruding from holding and transporting units (6), or located external to them and conveyed by other containers, the aperture communicating with a recovering auxiliary hopper (15), external to the main hopper and a coupled belt type conveyor (16) associated with the external hopper for recycling containers into the loading area preceding the lateral aperture (32). As a supplement to the action of centrifugal force an air jet (33) may be located in the hopper in front of the lateral aperture (32) for impinging on bottles not correctly positioned to either correctly position the bottles in the recesses, or eject them. Alternatively, at least one rotating brush (18) may be provided whose bristles exert on malpositioned containers a force directed from inside to outside the hopper to assist in evacuation of containers out of the main hopper.

Machine for automatically positioning and feeding containers
Application Number
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December 7, 1990
Publication Date
November 19, 1991
Jaime S Marti
c/Emancipacion 8, 08017-Barcelona
Fleit Jacobson Cohn Price Holman & Stern
B65G 29/00
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