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A pneumatic gun incorporating a striker (50) moving in response to the urging of a compressed power spring (77) from a cocked position in a striker chamber (46) to impact on a primary valve assembly (80) and thereby effect the release of compressed gas for propelling a projectile from the gun and for recocking the striker (50) is disclosed. The primary valve assembly (80) incorporates a single full-pressure main valve (87) for regulating the release of all compressed gas, and a unidirectional low pressure secondary valve (88) for providing a portion of the compressed gas released by the main valve to the striker chamber (46) for urging the striker (50) to move back to the cooked position. The striker (50) incorporates a striker poppet valve (70) which permits gas to escape from the striker chamber (46) as the striker (50) moves to impact on the primary valve assembly (80), and which seals the striker chamber (46) against premature loss of the compressed gas which is urging the striker (50) back toward the cocked position.

Pneumatic gun
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September 6, 1990
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November 12, 1991
Kenneth R Farrell
19202 SE 184th St., Renton, 98058
F41B 11/00
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