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Apparatus for introduction into the vessel of a patient comprising a guiding catheter adapted to be inserted into the vessel of the patient and a device adapted to be inserted into the guiding catheter. The device includes a flexible elongate member and a sleeve carried by the flexible elongate member near the distal extremity thereof and extending from a region near the distal extremity to a region spaced from the distal extremity of the flexible elongate element. The device also includes a guide wire adapted to extend through the sleeve so that the guide wire extends rearwardly of the sleeve extending alongside of and exteriorally of the flexible elongate element into a region near the proximal extremity of the flexible elongate element.

Angioplasty apparatus facilitating rapid exchanges
Application Number
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Application Date
July 5, 1990
Publication Date
October 29, 1991
Paul G Yock
1216 San Mateo Dr., Menlo Park, 94025
Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht
A61M 25/00
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