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The Rapid Infusion Device is a mechanical pumping system for the rapid delivery of filtered, bubble free, warmed volume to a patient suffering from acute hypovolemia. The principle of operation is one of overcoming resistance mechanically, The flow of fluids is totally regulated by the resistance encountered at the smallest tubing orifice along the infusion pathway. The RID components, assembled as a system, provide the capability for the rapid infusion of filtered, bubble free, and warm volume. The word volume is used to describe the fluid delivered by the device as any desired fluid may be delivered by the device. The RID is composed of two systems, i.e., durable permanent equipment and a disposable unit for one time use. Durable equipment consists of a roller pump, its controls, a permanently mounted heating element and its controls, and a mounting bracket to attach the heating element to the housing of the roller pump. The disposable unit is made of molded plastic cast in two halves. All of the sub-components of the disposable unit are installed at the manufacturing stage and before the two halves are joined, adhered and sealed for liquid integrity.

Rapid infusion device
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February 8, 1991
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October 29, 1991
Ralph M Montesano
2737 Rt. 100, Macungie, 18062
Norman J Manley
967 Chris La., Allentown, 18105
Harry W Stephens Jr
2340 Riverbend Rd., Allentown, 18103
James A Wong
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