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An improved ballistic resistant soft body armor jacket that is fit-adjuste, relatively lightweight, multi-mission adaptable, buoyant, fire-resistant, non hydroscopic and impervious to salt water and most petroleum-based fluids. The jacket shell consists of four basic ballistic resistant components: a back panel, left and right front panels in combination with side portions, and a permanent collar. It is of wrap around character and uniquely provides a minimum of one inch overlap of the respective fabric-encased ballistic inserts at both sides and in the front. It uses hook and loop type fasteners, such as Velcro.RTM., in combination with some elasticized fastener bands to provide essentially one handed capability of the various closure and adjustability features. It uses non-hydroscopic material, such as Spectra Shield.RTM., for the ballistic inserts, and a fire proof fabric, such as Nomex III.RTM., with a water repellant coating. An external chest pocket is provided for an auxiliary armor plate, while inside under arm pockets and pockets in add-on shoulder pads can accommodate flotation packets. Other quick attach-detach accessories include leg straps housed in a back pocket when not needed, a second add-on higher protective collar, secondary combined shoulder and upper arm pads, a groin pad, special purpose pockets for added ammunition and other items. The jacket is capable of withstanding multiple strikes from a 9 mm submachine gun; and with use of the auxiliary chest area pocketed armor plate can withstand certain fire power of AK47 type weapons.

Multi-mission ballistic resistant jacket
Application Number
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Application Date
April 3, 1990
Publication Date
October 29, 1991
Michael L Lewis
Panama City
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy
F41H 1/02
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