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A method and apparatus are described for evaluating a load bearing surface such as a seat. Preferred apparatus for the practice of the invention comprises a plurality of sensors which are distributed across a load bearing surface such as a seat pan, apparatus for measuring the pressures exerted on the sensors when a weight is placed on the load bearing surface, and signal processing apparatus for evaluating the pressures that are measured. Advantageously, the signal processing apparatus can be utilized to store data which represents a comfort level for the load bearing surface and to evaluate the measured pressures in light of that data. For example, the data stored can be pressure measurements for a series of seats correlated with subjective appraisals of seat comfort and the evaluation can be performed by statistical analysis and comparison of the pressure measurements for a seat under test with the stored pressure measurements. Alternatively, the data stored can be a mathematical formula which relates pressure as measured at different areas of the seat pan to an index of comfort; and the evaluation can be performed simply by inserting the measured pressures into the formula and calculating the resulting index.

Method and apparatus for evaluating a load bearing surface such as a seat
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April 18, 1990
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October 22, 1991
Clifford M Gross
Pennie & Edmonds
Biomechanics Corporation of America
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