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A surgical instrument for threading a loop of suture material through a piece of tissue to be stitched or removed as part of a surgical procedure and for wrapping a loop of suture around a piece of tissue. The instrument includes an extractor shaft assembly which is slidably disposed inside an inner tube. The latter is slidably disposed inside an outer tube. The extractor assembly has a pointed front end and a hook directly behind the front end. A tissue clamping bracket is secured to the front end of the outer tube, both of which are sized to fit inside a conventional cannula of the sort used in closed surgeries. The outer tube is secured to a handle assembly which includes a movable member for causing the inner tube to reciprocate inside the outer tube so as to coact with the clamping bracket to clamp a piece of tissue therein. By proper manipulation of the extractor assembly, a suture segment which is secured to the front of the clamping bracket can be captured and pulled through or over a piece of tissue clamped in the bracket and formed into a slip knot stitch which can be closed about the tissue piece.

Suture threading, stitching and wrapping device for use in open and closed surgical procedures
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January 22, 1991
Publication Date
October 22, 1991
Stanley E Asnis
38 Cornwall La., Port Washington, 11050
Pandiscio & Pandiscio
A61B 17/00
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