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A learning and identification support system for birders and such comprising, a media having a plurality of visually recognizable bird pictures thereon associated with respective ones of a plurality of birds to have birdsong associated therewith. A plurality of scannable barcodes are disposed on the media and associated with respective ones of the bird pictures. Each of the plurality of scannable barcodes comprises a unique index indicating the one of the bird pictures with which it is associated. A barcode scanner is used for scanning individual selected ones of the barcodes to obtain an electrical signal at an output thereof containing the unique index. There is a Compact Disc (CD) containing a plurality of birdsongs associated with respective ones of the plurality of birds, each of the plurality of birdsongs being individually addressable by means of a unique index associated therewith. There is also a CD player for playing the CD to output digital data streams reflecting selected ones of the birdsongs as well as a headset or speaker connected to the Compact Disc player means for reproducing birdsongs from the digital data streams. A data compression technique is employed which permits the system to be used for " talking book" applications with as much as nine hours of playing from a single CD. An interactive audio system configuration of the invention is also shown which can improve language learning and provide an environment for interactive audio adventures.

Sound association and learning system
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May 9, 1990
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October 22, 1991
Dan V Kimball
1560 San Roque Rd., Santa Barbara, 93105
Donald A Streck
G11B 7/00
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