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A method and apparatus for the destructive distillation of kerogen and extraction of oil and gas from oil shale. The method and apparatus includes generating super heated steam or air, injecting super heated steam or air into oil shale, heating the kerogen in the oil shale to a sufficient temperature such that the kerogen breaks down into shale oil and gas, collecting the oil and gas, and extracting the oil and gas. The super heated steam is generated by the use of a sun furnace which includes a high pressure boiler and a solar collector which focuses the rays of the sun on the boiler. The extreme heat and pressure generated by the sun furnace forces the heat-carrying steam or air along the laminations and cleavages of the shale to breakdown the kerogen into oil and gas.

Method and apparatus for the destructive distillation of kerogen in situ
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October 29, 1990
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October 22, 1991
Elmer E Travis
10804 Central S.E., #23, Albuquerque, 87123
Henderson & Sturm
F24J 3/02
E21B 43/24
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