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What has been created is a new form of an equipment/kite that carry weight in mid-air regardless of fuel and/or wind, which converts the wind energy into mechanical energy by acting as a sail in a multi-level formation, which is in the form of a large flat air balloon 1/2 acre to more than 5 acres wide that floats in the air concave downward against the wind, which functions as a large kite in the presence of wind--soaring upward instead of being blown down which may be constructed into a multi-level balloon kite from ground to the highest altitude of wind to carry several rotary blade windmills on each kite or top pull transportation on land or on water or on aerial cable railway; to carry electric wire conductors up into the clouds to collect electricity from the clouds; to carry lamps, advertisements, and observatory instruments to high altitudes; to serve as sail for large type of windmills in a configuration similar to the United Sail Windmill under U.S. Pat. No. 4,756,666 and as illustrated by herewith FIG. 9 showing multilevel kites pulling an elongate closed-loop Power Chain erected on land or on ocean. Created also is a new control system for said kite in the form of a Triple "T" Structure and an Elliptical Monorail Track, as shown in FIGS. 5, 6, and 7.

Rein-deer kite
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October 13, 1988
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October 15, 1991
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Terr., San Diego, 92114
F03D 5/02
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