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An apparatus and method for training physicians and technicians to locate stones found in simulated human body organs, principally simulated biliary and renal calculi, and then actually fragment these calculi using ESWL. A reusable semi-anthropomorphic phantom comprises an opaque liver tissue-equivalent mass having anatomically correct simulated organ cavities associated with the midsection of a human body, principally the gall bladder and the kidney. Channels lead from the exterior of the phantom to the simulated organs. A concrement is introduced into at least one simulated organ, the channels and simulated organs are filled with a fluid-like substance, and the channels are closed with plugs. A trainee then utilizes an ultrasound or X-ray locating device to examine the phantom until the concrements are located. The coordinates of the located concrements are then utilized with a concrement destroying apparatus such as an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter (ESWL). The trainee then focuses the energy of the concrement destroying apparatus (such as a shock wave) towards the located concrements, thereby causing fragmentation. The channels can then be opened and the contents of the simulated organ removed to inspect the results of the procedure.

Semi-anthropomorphic biliary/renal training phantom for medical imaging and lithotripsy training
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August 3, 1990
Publication Date
October 8, 1991
William J Duncan
Jones Askew & Lunsford
Dornier Medical Systems
A61B 5/06
G09B 23/00
G09B 23/28
G09B 23/30
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