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A tube hanger for selectively supporting at least two different sizes of tubes from a mounting surface comprises a unitary body of flexible, resilient material having a body portion sized to extend transversely across a tube to be supported by the hanger. The body portion has a base end generally for abutment with a support surface and an arm with a tip end extending outwardly from the base end in a semi-circular arc segment. The arm defines a partially enclosed cavity sized for receipt of a first size of tube, such as 7/8 inch o.d. tubing. A supplemental finger extending outwardly from the arm and into the cavity substantially concentrically with the arm cradles and grips a second size of tube of lesser diameter than the first size of tube. The tube hanger snap-fits and snugly maintains its position about both sizes of tubing for one handed installation, freeing the installer from having to hold the hanger about the tubing while fastening the hanger to a support, such as an overhead joist. A channel extends through the body portion of the tube hanger with a fastener preloaded into the channel.

Multiple size tubing hanger
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 15, 1990
Publication Date
October 8, 1991
Joseph P Ismert
Kansas City
Wm Bruce Day
Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co
F16L 3/08
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