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A protector for needle apparatus which includes a conventional catheter slidingly receiving a needle. The catheter has a hub portion at its distal end which is initially adjacent the needle portion. An especially configured guard housing has an open ended, cylindrical base portion which slidably receives the catheter's hub portion and a closable front wall which is resiliently biased into an open position when the guard housing is positioned over the catheter hub. A tether between the guard housing and needle handle permits the needle, after puncture, to be withdrawn into the base portion of the guard when the tether pulls the guard off the catheter hub at which point the front wall closes the opening of the base portion to prevent inadvertent needle puncture.

Protector for catheter needle
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 16, 1990
Publication Date
September 24, 1991
Alexander Z Simon
4460 Ammon Rd., South Euclid, 44143
Body Vickers & Daniels
A61M 5/32
A61M 5/00
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