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A magnetic resonance (MR) imaging system includes a magnet for producing a magnetic field to which a patient is subjected, a radio frequency (RF) transmitter coupled to a body coil within the magnet, an RF receiver coupled to a surface coil within the magnet and placed as close as possible to tissue being analyzed by the MR imaging system, and a computer controlled system for generating RF signals sent from the transmitter and detected by the receiver for use in producing nuclear excitation and corresponding detected induced currents in the surface coil sent to an analog-to-digital converter and then to the computer for processing into an image display of the tissue under analysis. A preferred embodiment of the invention comprises surface coil apparatus for use in analyzing tissue within a body cavity of the patient, and a preferred system for use in analyzing the tissue of the prostate gland includes an elongated hollow tube for transrectal insertion, and expandable balloon sealed to the exterior of the tube, and a loop antenna surface coil wire secured to the exterior wall of the balloon. Fluid pressure applied to the inside of the tube and then to the interior of the balloon expands the balloon and thereby expands opposite sides of the surface coil wire and holds the surface coil antenna in a spaced apart expanded position useful in serving as a means for obtaining high resolution imaging of prostatic tissue.

High resolution magnetic resonance imaging of body cavities
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September 1, 1989
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September 24, 1991
Lawrence W Jones
San Marino
William G Bradley
Christie Parker & Hale
Huntington Medical Research Institutes
A61B 5/055
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