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The pane antenna system has a plurality of antennas arranged on a non-conductive sheet installed in a metal body of a motor vehicle. Each antenna includes antenna conductors secured on the non-conductive sheet and connected to an input terminal of an assigned four-terminal network. The four-terminal networks are located on or in the proximity of the non-conductive sheet in the metal vehicle body. The other input terminal of respective networks is directly connected with an output terminal of the network. The other output terminal is connected via a high-frequency output line to a collecting or interconnecting region for output signals of all four-terminal networks. From the interconnection region all signals are fed via a single cable strand to a receiver. The cable strand includes a plurality of transmission lines, preferably in the form of coaxial cables, and defines an initial portion bridging the interconnection region on the non-conductive sheet and a ground point on the metal vehicle body.

Pane antenna system having four terminal networks
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April 6, 1990
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September 17, 1991
Gerhard Flachenecker deceased
late of Ottobrunn
Heinz Lindenmeier
Michael J Striker
Hans Kolbe & Co Nachrichtenubertragungstechnik
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