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A supplemental respiratory gas supply control apparatus and method for providing supplemental gas to an in vivo respiratory system includes a pressure sensor adapted to produce pressure indicative signals indicative of pressures sensed, a gas flow control valve, a sensor communication control valve, and a central control unit adapted to receive pressure indicative signals generated by the pressure sensor and to control the gas control valve and the sensor communication control valve in accordance with the signals received. The gas control valve is connected to a source of supplemental gas at regulated pressure and has two positions, a first position isolating the source of supplemental gas from the single hose cannula and a second position communicating the source of supplementary gas with the cannula hose to provide a flow of supplementary gas to the in vivo respiratory system. The pressure sensor communication control valve has a first mode placing the pressure sensor in communication with the cannula hose to allow the pressure sensor to sense the pressure within the hose and a second mode in which the pressure sensor is placed in communication with the ambient atmsophere. The central control unit initially places the gas control valve in the first position and the sensor communication valve in the first mode to monitor the pressure within the cannula hose.

Respiratory gas supply apparatus and method
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November 15, 1988
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September 17, 1991
David W Sanso
701 Harlan-E38, Lakewood, 80214
J Preston Oxenham
A61M 16/00
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