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A system for integrating the operation and control of a television receiver and a video cassette recorder (vcr), the television receiver being capable of receiving and displaying various television channels as well as other video signals, and the vcr being capable of recording programs at least from the broadcast channels and reproducing programs previously recorded on tapes and outputting the programs as video signals, the system having a device for enabling a user to control the system and thereby operate the television receiver and/or the vcr, and to enter information concerning the user's favorite broadcast programs and various particular broadcast programs into the system, the information including the program name, broadcast channel, starting time, length, repeat pattern in the case of favorite broadcast programs, and whether the user wants the program recorded; a first store for storing the favorite broadcast program information and the various particular broadcast program informantion; a second store for storing information concerning programs on a tape currently loaded in the vcr; a third store for storing information concerning programs on other tapes of the user; a devicd coupled to the vcr for controlling the recording and reproducing functions thereof in response to the information stored in the first and second stores and the enabling device; an output device coupled to the first, second and third stores for selectively providing to the television receiver an output of the system including the favorite broadcast program information, the program information of the current tape, and the program information of the other tapes; and a device coupled to the television receiver for selectively switching an input of the television receiver between the broadcast channels, the vcr output and the system output.

Interface for a TV-VCR system
Application Number
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June 8, 1989
Publication Date
September 10, 1991
Donald R Gentner
Palo Alto
Hugo J Strubbe
Yorktown Heights
Edward W Goodman
North American Philips Corporation
H04N 5/76
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