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A wound closing device includes a body having first and second arms interconnected to allow relative angular movement therebetween, and at least one skin-engaging member carried by each arm the body having a closed position where free ends of the skin-engaging members are moved toward each other to penetrate skin surround the wound. The wound closing device can be integrally formed from a strip of bendable material to urge the arms to the closed position, and the arms are movable to an open position to space the free ends of the skin-engaging members to span the wound. The skin-engaging members can be hollow to introduce medication into a wound and can have various configurations, spacing and dimensions dependent upon the wound to be closed.

Wound closing device
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April 13, 1990
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September 10, 1991
InBae Yoon
2101 Highland Ridge Dr., Phoenix, 21131
A61B 17/00
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