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A wireless local television transmission system with related methods, apparatus, and components. There is a source of a video signal to be viewed at a remote location such as a TV camera, cable select box, antenna, or VCR. An up converter is connected to the source for shifting the video signal to a frequency above the normal television bands. A transmitter is connected to the up converter for transmitting the video signal at the shifted frequency. A receiver is disposed at the remote location for receiving the transmitted video signal. A down converter is connected to the receiver for shifting the video signal back down to a frequency within the normal television bands and identified with a known channel. Finally, conventional television set functions are connected to the down converter for processing and displaying the video signal on the known channel. The preferred up conversion shifts the video signal to a frequency in the band of 902-928 MHz and frequency modulates the video signal on a carrier within that band. Provision is also provided for the wireless transmission of control signals provided by a conventional infra red controller/transmitter so that the controller/transmitter can be used at the location of either the VCR or the television set. The preferred embodiment employs a single controller/transmitter for both VCR and television control. An improved cable select box is disclosed employing two tuners and wireless signal transmission. A wireless video camera/recorder system is also disclosed. The disclosure also includes a universal controller/transmitter transmitting IR and RF signals simultaneously as well as a directional antenna to be employed with receiving equipment to reduce interference.

Television local wireless transmission and control
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December 27, 1989
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September 3, 1991
Jerry R Iggulden
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Donald A Streck
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Donald A Streck
Jerry R Iggulden
Donald A Streck
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