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An articulatable stapler (20) is arranged in the form of an elongated catheter having a plurality of segments (25,26,28) mounted on one end of a catheter main body (24). A stylet (64) is slidably received within the catheter main body and two intermediate segments, and may be selectively moved to articulate the segments such that the most-distal segment is either aligned with, or arranged at a substantial angle with respect to, the catheter main body portion. The most-distal segment (28) carries stapling means (30) by which the improved catheter may cause a staple to be inserted through a graft (89) into the wall of the blood vessel. The improved device also has means for selectively bending a staple (75) so as to prevent unintended separation therefrom.

Intravascular stapler, and method of operating same
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October 16, 1990
Publication Date
August 27, 1991
Syde A Taheri
268 Dan Troy, Williamsville, 14221
Sommer Oliverio & Sommer
A61B 17/00
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