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A method for evaluating consumer response comprising conducting interviews to obtain emotional, rational and personality descriptors of functionally related items, eliciting from consumers evaluations of the extent to which the non-eliminated descriptors are attributable to each item, creating a discrimination index of the evaluated descriptors whereby descriptors, which provide the most discrimination between items and which account for the greatest amount of behavioral variance over 70% among consumers, are identified as attributes, eliciting from consumers evaluations of the extent to which attributes are attributable to reference items and to given items, eliciting from consumers evaluations of a degree of preference for each given item, performing an independence factor analysis of the attributes in order to form clusters of related attributes, creating a multi-dimensional matrix for each use associated with given items wherein points representing reference items and given items are plotted based upon the attribute evaluations associated with each item, and determining the effect of a given change in an attribute evaluation for all consumers for a given item by measuring the relationships between the Euclidean distances between the points representing the items and reference items on the matrix and the degrees of preferences for the given items.

Method of measuring and evaluating consumer response for the development of consumer products
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April 15, 1988
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August 20, 1991
W Alan Frost
Haddon House, 2-4 Fitzroy St., London
Pennie & Edmonds
G06F 15/21
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