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An improved waste collection system having an on-site container which is internally compartmented to receive and separately store the various waste components such as aluminum, glass, paper and land-fill trash. The route collection vehicle is divided into chambers and has a compaction system for compacting the contents of at least some of the collection vehicle chamber. The vehicle has a loading apparatus which lifts the container to an inverted dumping position in which position the container is positioned with respect to the chambers to cause the waste to be inherently separated or classified within the collection vehicle chambers. The loading apparatus may be side or front loading.

Waste collection system for segregating solid waste into preselected component materials
Application Number
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Application Date
March 17, 1989
Publication Date
July 30, 1991
Armand G Mezey
2724 W. Palm La., Phoenix, 85009
Gregory J Nelson
B65F 3/04
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