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A releasable foot binding for use in combination with a snowboard includes a socket component which is separably engageable with a foot-engaging component. The socket component is mounted on the snowboard and includes spaced-apart, upwardly-extending elongated side rails. Each side rail has an elongated flange portion extending laterally therefrom. The foot-engaging component is longitudinally engageable with the socket component and has a bottom which includes opposite side ribs positioned on the bottom to be slidably positionable below the flange portions of the socket component. A stop member limits movement of the foot-engaging component relative to the socket component beyond a fully-engaged position. A latch releasably secures the foot-engaging component against movement in the opposite longitudinal direction.

Releasable snowboard binding
Application Number
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Application Date
March 27, 1990
Publication Date
July 30, 1991
Chris V Kincheloe
3602 Hunts Point Rd., Bellevue, 98004
Glenn D Bellamy
A63C 9/00
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