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In an x-ray machine having an x-ray gun portion for emitting x-ray radiation along a longitudinal axis and an x-ray collector portion spaced from the gun portion along the longitudinal axis for receiving the x-ray radiation, the present invention provides a laser light emitting member disposed on the x-ray gun portion for emitting a beam of visible laser light. A target grid member is disposed on the x-ray collector portion for targeting the visible laser light in coaxial relationship with the longitudinal axis of the x-ray radiation between the gun portion and the collector portion. One or more radiolucent laser light redirecting members are provided for adjustably redirecting the visible laser light from the laser light emitting member into coaxial alignment with the longitudinal axis of the x-ray radiation to give a visual indication of the central longitudinal axis of the x-ray radiation.

Coaxial laser targeting device for use with x-ray equipment and surgical drill equipment during surgical procedures
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February 9, 1990
Publication Date
July 9, 1991
Randal R Trecha
3613 Bethel Rd., Columbia, 65203
Basile and Hanlon
A61B 6/08
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