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Apparatus and method for determining and recording a calculated impact point of one or more projectiles discharged from a firearm include a sighting mechanism with a field of view display unit, sensor elements, a recording unit, and a trajectory calculating microprocessor unit, the microprocessor unit for storing parameter data and for responding to sensor and/or manual data input signals and modifying the image presented by the field of view display unit. The trajectory calculating microprocessor unit, in response to the sensor data and parameter data, determines the trajectory of a projectile. The calculated impact point of the projectile is used to superimpose an indicia, namely an impact point-reticle on the image of the field of view of the display unit relative to the zero-range reticle or standard cross-hair setting.

Apparatus and method for displaying and storing impact points of firearm projectiles on a sight field of view
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July 15, 1988
Publication Date
June 25, 1991
Victor G Golubic
3321 W. Orchid La., Phoenix, 85051
William W Holloway
G02B 23/10
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