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An electronic baseball game is presented which permits the human operators to input individualized attributes or statistical information relative to the batter, runner and pitcher based on real or fictionalized baseball players. In a preferred embodiment, this statistical information is encoded as a bar code printed on a sticker. In turn, the sticker is placed on the edge of a card, preferably a standard baseball card. The bar code contains information as to the batting average, right of left handed batting and pitching, pitching speed, running speed and hitting power. The statistical information on the bar coded card is then entered into the electronic baseball game by sliding the card through a slot containing a conventional photo optical bar code reader. The statistical information is then used by the computer program in the game to regulate and interact with the playing activity of the human players. Thus, in accordance with the present invention, a baseball card can act as a programmable means to enter supplementary information into an electronic baseball game to thereby effect the gameplay. The electronic baseball game of the present invention also includes a scoreboard, liquid crystal display (LCD) playing field and a plurality of switches which allow the human player to select a desired type of pitch (e.g. change-up, off-speed or fast ball); to steal a base or pick-off a base runner; to send in a relief pitcher; to bunt or execute a double play and of course, to initiate the actual pitching and batting actions.

Electronic baseball game apparatus
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March 29, 1989
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June 25, 1991
Eric Bromley
4 Watson Dr., West Simsbury, 06092
Fishman Dionne & Cantor
A63F 9/00
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