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An impingement oven comprising a cooking chamber, a conveyor, and a plurality of plenums. A plurality of finger duct members attached to each plenum are located above and below the conveyor. Adjacent sidewalls of adjacent duct members are tapered relative to one another to define an outwardly tapered air return space in a direction away from the plenum. A plurality of air deflectors are secured to an inner surface of each duct member for deflecting air through a plurality of nozzles located on the duct member. A partition between the plenums segregates return air flowing from the cooking chamber to adjacent plenums. For at least two ovens stacked one above the other, the invention further includes a cooling system having a cooling compartment and a central cooling duct for drawing cool air from near floor level and moving the cool air upwardly to cool and control circuitry for each of the stacked ovens. The cool air is then exhaused out of the cooling compartment to substantially insulate the oven control circuitry from the radiating heat of the oven below.

Air delivery system and oven control circuitry cooling system for a low profile impingement oven
Application Number
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June 4, 1990
Publication Date
June 25, 1991
Duane L Crisp
Jeffers Hoffman & Niewyk
Lincoln Foodservice Products
F24C 15/32
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