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Computer data processing, programming and printing for an improved incentive award program which allocates monetary amounts available for expenditure through credit instruments issued to program participants when the participants perform to a designated level of achievement. Participants identifying information and credit instrument account numbers are stored in memory. The incentive program can be divided into multiple time periods. Levels of performance are calculated and assigned for each participant in order for a monetary amount to be available for expenditure through the participant's credit instrument. Monetary amonts can be withheld from the amounts allocated to the instrument accounts. Adjustments can be made in the withheld amounts and in the achievement levels. Calculations, adjustment and reporting concerning amounts allocated for instrument use, withheld amounts, instrument transactions and account balances are made. Calculations and printed invoices for payment by a financial institution to an incentive company based on the credit instruments issued under the incentive program are made and are dependent upon the monetary volume of expenditures through the credit instruments, the total interest income on the credit instruments, and the number of instruments issued. The tradename or trademark of the company sponsoring the program can appear on the physical credit instruments and on statements provided to participants. Travel and merchandise awards are integrated with the credit instrument program.

System and method for administration of incentive award program through use of credit
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September 25, 1989
Publication Date
June 18, 1991
Daniel L Henke
St. Louis
James F Burton
Armstrong Teasdale Schlafly Davis & Dicus
Meridian Enterprises
G06F 15/21
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