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A coaxial cable connector including a screw threaded tube, a male clamping tube and a female clamping tube. The male clamping tube has a central hole, a rear projection pipe and a clamping portion, whereby an insulating portion of a concentric coaxial cable fits into the projection pipe with an outer cover and separate grounding wire sheath of the concentric coaxial cable fitted between the projecting pipe and clamping portion. The inner wall of the female clamping tube is formed with rearwardly tapering inclined portion whereby when the female clamping tube is fitted to the male clamp portion, the tapering portion presses the clamping section of the male clamping tube making the saw tooth portion of the inner wall of the clamping portion securely bite into the concentric coaxial cable. An annular projecting shoulder formed on an outer wall of the clamping portion of the male clamping tube engages an annular groove formed on inner wall of the female clamping tube to join the male and female clamping tubes. The joined clamping tubes are fitted into the screw threaded tube having threads on an inner wall formed to thread on a coaxial cable socket with an axial connecting wire of the coaxial cable passing through the male clamping tube into an output hole of the coaxial cable socket.

Coaxial cable connector
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November 28, 1989
Publication Date
June 18, 1991
Yeh Ming Hwa
No. 2, Lane 8, Hsin An Rd., Shih Lin District, Taipei
Asian Pacific Int l Patent and Trademark Office
H01R 17/18
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