05023908 is referenced by 146 patents and cites 29 patents.

A method and apparatus for providing improved security for a personal identification number (PIN) in a personal identification and verification system of the type wherein a time dependent nonpredictable code is generated at a device in the possession of the individual, which code is unique to the individual and this code is communicated to, and compared with a nonpredictable code generated at, a central verification computer. In this system, the PIN is mixed with the nonpredictable code before transmission of these values to the central verification computer. a nonsecret code is previously transmitted to the central verification computer and is used to retrieve the PIN and the appropriate nonpredictable code for the user. These values are used to strip the PIN from the transmitted nonpredictable code and the stripped PIN and remaining nonpredictable code are compared with the corresponding retrieved values in order to determine verification.

Method and apparatus for personal identification
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April 21, 1989
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June 11, 1991
Kenneth Weiss
7 Park Avenue, Newton, 02158
M Lawrence Oliverio
H04L 9/32
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