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An improved diaper container to temporarily store soiled diapers prior to final disposal thereof which is characterized by an outer fluid impervious shell provided with a removably mounted liner. The liner comprises a pad of non-woven synthetic fibers impregnated with an odor adsorbing material, such as activated carbon. The outer shell is provided with a hinged lid for access to the interior of the container and the liner is slideably mounted within the outer shell in a snut fit with the inner walls of the outer shell. The activated carbon entraps noxious odors within the liner to effectively prevent the odors from escaping from the container when it is opened.

Temporary diaper storage container
Application Number
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Application Date
May 29, 1990
Publication Date
June 11, 1991
Jeffrey S Pontius
10690 Royalton Rd., Amanda, 43102
Francis T Kremblas Jr
B65D 90/04
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